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October 27, 2013
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Loki x Reader

The sun shone brightly through the blinds of your room, causing you to stir. "Someone shut the blinds!" You yelled out, only to remember you lived by yourself.

Sighing, you slowly got up and made your way to the kitchen. Grabbing something to eat, you ate it quickly. After that, you got dressed before getting to your car and driving to work.

People wouldn't say you had a normal job. You worked for S.H.E.I.L.D as just a normal worker, but you had a higher rank. That meant you could do almost any job you were offered.

Sadly, you had to do the one thing you never wanted to do.

Watch the God of Mischief.

Making your way to the cell, he smirked at you from inside the glass. "Hello."

"Hey." You said through your teeth, grabbing a folding chair to sit in while you 'watched' him.

He walked around the cell, looking at you at moments while you flipped through some reading material. "You know, this would be easier if you talked to me."

"But that's not what I want to do." You said, not looking up from your book.

"I don't even know your name, yet you know mine." He said smoothly, stopping to look at you. "Tell me your name."

After a glare at him, you gave in. "(Name). It's (Name)." After that, his smirk grew wider while he starred at you.

"I like that name. I really do." The words came out of his mouth like water gently flowing from a hose. "Could you do me a favor (Name)? Try to get me out of here."

Even if this did sound like a cry for real help, you knew it was false. He just wanted to get out. "I can't do that. And I won't do it."

His small smirk turned into a scowl. "You will listen to me and do as I say!"

This didn't faze you. He couldn't hurt you from behind the glass, and if he tried something; everyone could stop him. "I don't have to do what you tell me to."

Loki moved closer to the glass, looking into your eyes. "Oh, my Princess. I'm sorry for my temper. I just want to be out there, with you."

"If you don't stop, I'm going to get Rogers to 'talk' to you." You warned him, crossing your legs.

He sighed. "No matter how much you hate me. You must admit. You love me."
This was a request for :iconccsienna:

Hope you enjoy!
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well duh!!!!!! excuse  being  but HE'S THE GOD OF LIES AND PRANKS FOR FUCKS SAKE
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Don't worry. It's going to be better!


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