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Charles x Reader
{A/n: some triggers in here}

"You need to help me!" (Y/n) cried, looking at her boyfriend who just sat on the couch. "I'm telling you something's not right and you're just sitting there like an idiot! I can hear everything that everyone is thinking, and I haven't slept in weeks!"

"Nothing's wrong, you're just being dramatic. Now stop crying and sit back down!" He yelled, raising his hand and slapping her across the face; walking out of the room and slamming the door behind him.

If anyone's out there please help me She thought as she held her cheek in pain, tears running down her cheeks as she held her knees to her chest.

It seemed like an act of God; the doorbell ringing and she quickly answered it, a police man at her doorstep. "Miss, is it just you living here?"

"It's me and my boyfriend officer." She told him, rubbing her eyes quickly to dry away the tears. "Can I help you?"

"We have a warrant for his arrest, and we ask if you please would wait outside." He told her, not even giving her time to ask more questions as he and a group of other policemen rushed inside the house.

(Y/n) blinked as she stood out on the lawn, hearing the men fight around until she watched them walk her boyfriend out of the house in handcuffs.

"It's your fault! All your fault you stupid bitch!" He yelled as they pushed him inside the cop car.

She took in a deep breath and sighed, listening to everything he was thinking; all of it being clouded by whatever drug he was on at the moment. Everything had happened so fast; the police coming, them finding the drugs, and him getting arrested.

"Miss (Y/n), right?" A man said as he started walking toward her. "I know you don't know me, and I know that you're very confused right now, but my name is Charles Xavier."

"How do you know who I am, and how do you know I'm confused?" She asked him, taking a step back even if she just felt safer standing near him.

He smiled softly. "I heard what you were thinking, and I know that you can hear what I'm thinking. I heard you call out for help, and that's exactly what I did."

(Y/n)'s eyes went wide and she put a hand over her mouth to cover the gasp. "You can hear me too? I thought I was the only one."

Sorry that I scared you, but there are some things we can't talk about in the open, only our mind. You're a mutant, it's in your DNA, and that's why I can talk directly into your mind, and that you can talk back Charles said, with two fingers lifted to his temple.

"That is all so much to take in, and I-I'm sorry I still don't really understand." She blushed slightly, looking down at her feet.

"The question is, do you trust me?" Charles smiled, gently holding his hand out to her. "There are others like you, all around. I teach a school meant for mutants, and I'm personally inviting you to the school."

She bit her lip, but nodded. "I do trust you. Anything to make sure I can sleep the night, and not hear every single thought someone has." (Y/n) said, gently taking his hand.

Charles smiled, gently rubbing his thumb over her hand. "Great. We'll leave soon. You should pack some of your things."

"I-If it's alright with you, can I start fresh with everything there? I don't want to look back." (Y/n) told him, looking up at him.

"Of course. Let's go now then." He smiled, pressing a soft kiss to her head as they walked to his car.

"Thank you. For saving me." She said as he opened the door to the car for her; her of course getting in.

Charles got in the drivers side, giving her a soft smile as they drove away from the house. "I'm glad I did. You'll be happy at the school, and I swear on my life that no one will lay a hand on you."

(Y/n) reached over and gently held his hand. "Thank you."

i kind of have a love/hate with charles, but i made it work
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