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Just A Look (Steve Rogers x Reader)
Just A Look
(Steve Rogers x Reader)
"Can I get you anything else sir?" The waitress asked as she walked over to Steve's table, smiling slightly at him.
"Another cup of coffee please?" He asked her, setting down the news paper he was reading to take the last sip of his coffee as he watched her walk away. It was finally his time off, and he was going to enjoy it best he could. Even if it meant late night coffee at the 24 hour diner because he couldn't sleep at night.
The waitress walked back over, pouring more steaming coffee into his mug. "Just let me know if you need anything else." She said before she turned away.
Steve sighed as he watched her walk away. Sure, she was pretty, but she had also told him a long story about how this job was helping to put her daughter though college and support the baby that she had at home. She also told him about how he reminded her of his husband. That was the part that seemed to hurt the most. Steve wanted a family more than he could imagine, an
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Beauty and the Beast by Emitheduck Beauty and the Beast :iconemitheduck:Emitheduck 4 2
The Reason Why (Logan x Reader)
The Reason Why
(Logan x Reader)
"You look tense." (Y/n) smiled slightly as she looked at the man sitting in front of her. "Care to share about your day?"
The other man sighed and shook his head as he poured himself a drink. "Not really. How about we talk about your day?"
(Y/n) rolled her eyes slightly and nodded, sitting down on the counter to face him. "I taught a class like I do every day, while you were out not at the school."
"I've been busy with my own things. Charles knows that I have no time to teach right now." Logan told her, sipping at his drink.
"The kids ask about you, you know. They want to know why you're never around during class, but like to just come at eight at night." She told him, running a hand through her hair.
Logan sighed deeply, looking down at his almost empty glass. "The kids know I'm not a teacher right now, they should--"
"They look up to you." She cut him off, hopping off the counter. "And sometimes I don't know why they do."
He took a deep breath in an
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Alex Summers X Reader
Alex Summers x Reader
It all began when a car hit (Y/n) on full speed while she was crossing the street.
The car seemed to deflect right off of her; (Y/n) stepping away from the crash unharmed. It just to happened that the crash caused her to be noticed by a start up school for teens who had abilites--mutants.
Charles and Erik drove her to the mansion, (Y/n) understanding that it was better to go with them then to be on her own.
"Everyone, this is our new student, (Y/n)." Charles smiled, looking at the girl who was standing behind him. "Why don't you go put your stuff in a room. Alex, could you take her?"
The blond nodded and started walking, (Y/n) following. "You're the girl that got hit by the car, right?" Alex asked her, smirking slightly.
She nodded, sighing. "Yeah, I did. Not that I'm too proud of it."
"At least you didn't get crushed. Do you even know anything about your mutation?" Alex questioned, stopping outside of one of the many rooms.
(Y/n) shrugged. "I don't know too mu
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Yes (Bucky X Reader)
Bucky x Reader
"Do you have eyes on him?" Steve asked over the ear piece.
"I have sight, and I'm going in." (Y/n) said back to him, lowering her gun and going out of her hiding spot.
"Please be careful. We don't need a repeat of last time." He sighed, causing the girl to roll her eyes.
Bucky had snapped again, turning into the Winter Soilder, and cauing trouble on the streets of New York where the three were living after the past events.
(Y/n) slowly approached where he had stopped, putting her gun away as she neared closer. "Bucky? It's me, (Y/n). I know you're not yourself right now, but if you could just listen--" She was cut off by having to dodge his arm as it almost made contact with her face.
"I'm on my way right now. Going off." Steve told her, his line going dead in her ear.
"Bucky please!" She yelled as she tried her best not to get hit by him, failing as his arm grabbed her throat, pinning her against the wall.
Steve ran up behind him, slamming the back of his friend
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Mistletoe Peter X Reader
Peter Maximoff x Reader
"Would you stop running around and help me already?" (Y/n) asked the other teen as she held the large box containing all the Christmas decorations
"You seem like you got a hand on it." Peter smirked as he stopped in front of her. "Fine, I'll help." He said as he ripped the box from her hands
She smiled slightly and grabbed one of the smaller boxes. "Hank already got the tree, and we're just decorating that right now."
Peter put the box down by the large tree and smiled at her. "What, is Charles going to put the star on top?" He asked her, breaking down in laughter.
"It's not nice to laugh at him. You were the one that knocked him down the hill the other day." She sighed as she opened up the box. "Poor man can't walk and you push him down a hill."
"The hill was all ice, he was going down anyway." Peter grumbled as he pulled stuff out of the boxes. "Crap, I think we left some more boxes, because this one just has outside lights."
The two got up, goi
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Erik X Reader
Erik x Reader
"What happened to you? You look awful." Erik told (Y/n) asked she walked into the living room, sitting down in the chair next to him.
"I've been working, that's the problem." She told him, running a hand though her hair. "And before you start, I know you don't like my job, but I need the money."
Erik sighed deeply, pinching the bridge of his nose. "I don't like it because you're a prostitute."
She shook her head, a slight blush on her cheeks. "I'm not a prostitute! I'm a stripper, there's a difference!"
"You're still dancing around men, wearing almost nothing, and getting money for doing it. I consider it prostitution." He said as he glared at her. "What would your bother say?"
"You know that Charles can't stop me." She smiled as she stood up. "And trust me, my brother and I have the same powers and I know you've been dying to go to my show."
He hid his blush well, turning away from her. "You can think whatever you want."
She sighed. "Erik, you know it bothers m
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Donnie Darko X Reader
Donnie Darko x Reader
"Donnie are you even listening to me? I asked you a question about the homework." (Y/n) snapped at him, waving her hand in front of his face.
He jumped slightly and looked at her, giving her a small smile. "Sorry, got lost thinking for a second."
"Honestly Donnie, you just zone out sometimes. I get worried about you." She sighed, gently holding his arm as they walked down the street.
Donnie took a deep breath in and looked at her once they stopped outside her house. "(Y/n) there's something I need to tell you."
She nodded, smiling softly. "Of course, you can tell me anything."
"I can see things. I-I see my friend Frank. He's a giant rabbit." He told her, looking down at the sidewalk.
(Y/n) blinked, but gently held his hand. "That's alright Donnie. I'm glad you told me."
"You don't get it. He tells me the day the world will end." He said, looking at her. "I'm worried what else he'll tell me."
"You don't always have to listen to him. You have me too, I'm here for yo
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Charles X Reader
Charles x Reader
{A/n: some triggers in here}
"You need to help me!" (Y/n) cried, looking at her boyfriend who just sat on the couch. "I'm telling you something's not right and you're just sitting there like an idiot! I can hear everything that everyone is thinking, and I haven't slept in weeks!"
"Nothing's wrong, you're just being dramatic. Now stop crying and sit back down!" He yelled, raising his hand and slapping her across the face; walking out of the room and slamming the door behind him.
If anyone's out there please help me She thought as she held her cheek in pain, tears running down her cheeks as she held her knees to her chest.
It seemed like an act of God; the doorbell ringing and she quickly answered it, a police man at her doorstep. "Miss, is it just you living here?"
"It's me and my boyfriend officer." She told him, rubbing her eyes quickly to dry away the tears. "Can I help you?"
"We have a warrant for his arrest, and we ask if you please would wait outside."
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Summer Days (Barry x Reader)
Summer Days
(Barry x Reader)
"It's so hot! It feels like my face is melting!" (Y/n) groaned as she tried to fan herself in an effort to cool off. "Is the AC even on?"
"It's broken and all we have is a crappy fan." Barry told her from his spot on the floor.
She sighed and climbed off the couch, moving over to his spot on the floor. "Why don't we go to the beach? I know it's going to be busy there, but I know we could get a spot and spend the day."
Barry seemed to think for a moment before nodding. "I'll get my bathing suit. Let's go."
(Y/n) smiled, grabbing a bag and filling it up with things they would need for the beach; taking the extra step to remember sunscreen this time around because the last time Barry was beyond red.
"Are you all set? I grabbed your suit too, and we can grab some food there." He said, grabbing the bag from her as they left the house and went to the car.
"I am so ready to go swimming. At least you have AC in your car." She said as she cranked up the AC, closing
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Soda X Reader
Soda x Reader
It was a quiet day in Tulsa, Soda and Steve sitting in the DX working on the cars that were in the shop. "So how are things with you and that girl you were seeing?" Steve asked his friend as he took a break from working on the car.
Soda sighed and shook his head. "Didn't work out too well. Turns out she didn't like greasers."
"Who wouldn't like you? You're beautiful." Steve teased his friend, rolling his eyes.
"Well I know that. I just wish there was a girl who I liked and that she actually would like me back." Soda told him as he stepped away from the car.
Steve looked up from the car and then at the front door of the shop. "Looks like we have a customer. Why don't you go help, lover boy?"
At his words, Soda looked over at the front desk and his jaw dropped. Standing there was the prettiest girl he had ever seen, and he had never seen her before. Soda quickly walked over behind the counter and smiled at her. "How can I help you today?"
She sighed, clearly flustered. "I j
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Daryl Dixon x Reader
Daryl Dixon x Reader
(an-this is set in S2!)
"Walker!" Andrea yelled from the top of the RV, ready to shoot what was wandering into the yard.
Rick along with Glenn, T-Dog, and Shane, quickly run towards the woods; wanting to take care of the walker head on.
"That's the third time you pointed that thing at my head. You gonna pull the trigger or what?" Daryl asked, grunting slightly from the pain in his side, falling back when a bullet grazed his head. "I was joking."
"No!" Rick yelled, catching Daryl as he fell forward, the others running to see why they were yelling.
"I am so sorry! I-I didn't know!" Andrea said as they carried Daryl back to the house for Hershel to help.
Rick sighed, shaking his head. "You have to explain it to (Y/n)."
Dale chuckled under his breath, looking at Andrea. "She's going to kill you."
Once they got Daryl inside, Hershel was quick to start patching him up, stitching the wound on his stomach from the arrow.
"What happened? Is he alright?" (Y/n) asked as she r
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James March x Reader (AHS)
James March x Reader (AHS)
"This hotel is just beautiful. Is there where I check in?" (Y/n) asked as she walked up to the front desk, setting her suitcase on the ground.
"This is the place. I'll take you to your room." Liz said as she stepped out from behind the counter, leading the girl to the elevator. "What are you in town for, acting? That's the answer I usually get."
She shook her head, smiling as they exited the elevator. "I'm here because I kind of got kicked out at home. I needed a place to stay, and I've always wanted to stay here."
"A pretty young thing like you needs a place to stay? Well, let us know if you need anything." Liz smiled as she handed her the key, walking away.
(Y/n) gave her a soft smile before opening the door and setting her stuff down inside. She walked around the room, looking around for only a little bit before there was a knock at the door.
"Hello?" She asked as she opened the door, looking around the hall; only finding a small envelope on the floor
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Jace X Warlock!Reader (2)
Jace x Warlock!Reader (2)
"Do you really want to meet them?" Jace asked as he looked down at her, smiling slightly.
She nodded, smiling up at him. "I really want to. They're important people in your life, and I think they should know me too."
Jace sighed and gently pushed her hair behind her ear. "Did I ever tell you I love your hair?"
"You've told me at least a million times." (Y/n) giggled, kissing his cheek. "Okay, now lets get this over with."
The two walked into the institute and were instantly met with Isabelle. "There you two are! We were worried you weren't gonna come!" She smiled, giving both of them a large hug.
"Trust me, I tried." Jace mumbled, causing (Y/n) to slap his arm.
"I'm (Y/n). I know we kind of met before, but I think that this is a proper meeting." (Y/n) smiled at Isabelle, clearly shocked that Isabelle had given her a hug right away.
Isabelle nodded, a huge smile still on her face. "That's true! But Alec is upstairs and has been wanting to talk to you guys. Let'
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Peter X Reader (Quicksilver)
(Peter x Reader)
"So, like, how fast can you go?" (Y/n) asked as she sat outside with Peter, snapping her gum as she watching him.
He shrugged, running a hand through his hair. "I don't really know. I guess pretty fast."
(Y/n) sighed and laid back on the grass, looking up at the sky. "That's kinda cool I guess."
Charles, who was wheeled down the path by Moira, sighed at the two. "For once, can't you two go to class?" He asked, rolling his eyes slightly. "It seems like all you two do is skip."
"I still do all my homework. Besides, we're not doing anything." Peter smirked slightly, sitting down next to (Y/n) on the grass.
"Don't you have a class with Hank right now?" Charles asked the girl.
She nodded. "He's used to it. Everytime I'm there he tells me I'm in his way anyway."
Charles sighed, shaking his head. "Honestly, your powers are never going to work right if you keep skipping class."
"Would they Charles?" (Y/n) asked him, using her telepathy to talk to him.
"You win thi
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Zach Mitchell x Reader
Zach Mitchell x Reader
"Welcome to Jurassic World, my name is (Y/n) and I'll be your tour guide today." She smiled at the group of people in front of her. "On our tour, we'll start by taking a walk through the botanical gardens."
"Are there any dinosaurs in the gardens?" One of the men in the group asked, fanning himself with his program.
She shook her head. "Only plants. But even if there are none, still be careful where you step for other animals." (Y/n) smiled softly as she lead the way
While the group was walking, that's when she got the call over her radio. Asset out of containment. "Um, okay everyone. Let's all make our way back to the monorail, the tour has to be cut a little short."
"Why? What's the matter?" An older woman snapped, clearly mad for not getting her moneys worth out of the trip.
"Eveything is alright. There was a call sent out to come back, and that's what we have to do." She said, already walking with the group back to the monorail.
(Y/n) loaded everyone back ont
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Mood Boost (Pietro x Empathic!Reader)
Y/n stared blankly into space as another wave of melancholy washed over her. Depression soaked into her bones and her head was filled with the dull buzz of negativity. Her breath was shallow and her expression, listless.
The library was deserted, letting Y/n fester in her sadness. She sat on her favorite couch with Charles next to her; his wheelchair parked by the armrest. They did not speak to each other, but instead let the silence hang over them like storm clouds. Y/n let her head sink into her hands. Her cup of tea, now cold, sat on a nearby table. She couldn’t muster the energy to pick up her limp wrist and grab it. The girl took a shaky breath. Her body felt like it was disintegrating. Life was no longer worth living.
“Pietro’s looking for you,” Charles murmured.
“Who cares?” Y/n replied. Her guts churned. She should care. The two of them were closer than conjoined twins, but Y/n couldn’t bring herself to break the spell of apathy that ha
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The Family Business 1/2 [Peter Parker x Reader]
Author's Note; As always, [Y/n] is your name. I have also used [A/m/n] which means any male name for the role of your father. Also, [Y/ln] is your last name. Thank you and enjoy the story! Please let me know what you think about the story thus far or what you think may happen down in the comments. Thanks!<3
"Dear [Y/n],
    The time has come for you to take over the family business. With your mother gone, it is long over due for me to disappear as well. I have full faith in you that you will take care of my employees and do us proud. I wish I could say this in person, but I have one last duty to take care of. I am proud of the woman that you have become and I know that you will succeed. Take care, [Y/n].
Your father"
You finish mumbling the last words written by your father before looking up at the sound of shattered glass. You set the letter down on your father's old desk and stand up angrily. You wipe away the
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Different Kinda Morning [ Darry Curtis / Reader ]
Dallas just wouldn't stop staring.
You supposed the frustrating part of it was that you were the only one that seemed to notice. Darry had his nose in the newspaper and the younger two of the Curtis brothers kept themselves busy with talk about some upcoming movie they wanted to sneak into, and from the way they whispered, seemed like Darry would bar ‘em if he heard about it. Despite this, your gaze didn't have much else to fall on except your cooling oatmeal and the steady simper of that damned Dallas Winston.
You, gotten along well with Darry last night and a large part of you wanted to check his skin for any signs of this. You knew yourself - knew you had a tendency to scratch of you were getting on good enough. Most nights, you were the one pleasantly scratched up a bit but you'd managed pretty well to maintain the size and length of these blots this time, if you might say so yourself. But with Darry, you didn't know. You'd usually take to checking before y
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Heart's on Fire // Bucky x Reader x Steve
Well I don’t know how and I don’t know why
When something’s living well you can’t say die

"Bucky Barnes, you give that back!" you shouted, holding up your skirts as you chased the dark-haired boy down the sidewalk. At eleven years old, you were one grade behind your two best friends, the boys from Brooklyn, Steve Rogers and James Buchanan 'Bucky' Barnes. "Bucky!"
"Aw, c'mon, [Name]! I just want to read what you spend all day writing about!" Bucky called back, sending you a large grin over his shoulder before he started to shout out the first lines from your diary. "Yesterday, Steve and I sat under the tree for lunch! It was really nice and he gave me his butterscotch cookies because he knows they're my favorite! Steve is so sweet and I think I want to marry him someday!"
"Bucky, s-stop that! Don't read that!" you cried, running full out in your frantic need to reclaim your precious diary. Your cheeks were fiery red, burning with embarrassment, but Bucky r
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Flying Lessons (Charles Xavier x Mutant!Reader)
Y/n looked down at the forty-foot drop below her. This was not how she wanted to spend her evening. She had never been a good at climbing trees and yet here she was, at the very top of the tallest tree on the extensive lot of Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters.
Y/n had moved into the school a few mouths ago. There weren’t that many students there yet, it was still starting up, but she loved all of the friends she had made.
Y/n had immediately hit it off with Charles. He was witty and handsome and charming. What more could a girl ask for? She was pretty tight with Erik too. It surprising actually, he wasn’t exactly a social butterfly. Raven and Y/n were been practically joined at the hip ever since Y/n moved in.
But Y/n considered Charles to be her best friend out them all. They talked almost constantly; most of their conversations were telepathic so they hardly ever stopped. It wasn’t uncommon for one of them to burst out laughing for no ‘apparent
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Night Watch: Daryl Dixon x reader (fluffy oneshot)
Rain hissed through the branches and leaves, transforming dirt into pools of mud. Two people sat beneath a tree, trying to stay dry in the shelter of it’s branches. Sitting under the canopy of leaves helped but it didn’t completely stop the occasional raindrop that found it’s way through the branches.
You shivered slightly, a cloud of warmth escaping from your mouth. You shifted a bit closer to the male, who shot you a dirty look and elbowed you slightly. You ducked your head and looked away and pulled your knees up to your chest.
“Sorry. It’s just freezing out here,” you muttered.
Your company didn’t reply for a long while and you felt a little insulted that he ignored you.
Fine, be that way...
“Damn nice night ta be on watch,” he muttered sarcastically under his breath.
You nodded, offering a small laugh. You were relieved he finally said something. You both had been sitting out here together for almost an hour with hardly a word.
:iconshadow4everandaday:shadow4everandaday 65 9
Breaking Your Walls (Steve Rogers X Reader)
"Go get your own damn coffee!"
Steve sighed and put down his un-finished drawing of the statue of Liberty.
(Name) stormed out of Tony's office with a scowl on her face. When she noticed Steve, her scowl softened somewhat, but when Clint walked by, it was a frown again. Steve watched her sadly as she stomped down the steps and into the gym.
"Lemme guess, Tony is being an ass again?" Clint asked and jumped over the couch, flopping down into the cushion next to Steve.
The door to Tony's office slammed closed.
"Does that answer your question?" Steve replied.
"You know what happened right?" Clint added.
"No, I've been curious. They used to be really good friends. But it's not any our business." The soldier stated.
Blowing off the captain's comment, Clint got comfy. "So, what happened was, Tony asked (Name) out, (Name) said no. Now he is being a total dick to her and saying she is too focused on something."
Despite his better judgment, Steve pressed. "Too focused on what?"
Clint shrugged, "I
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Smut Fools - Flash x Reader [April Fools AU]
Smut Fools - Barry Allen (The Flash) x Sexy! Horny? Reader
A wry smile besets her lips, watching the man she's come to love walk through the entryway of her flat. 
She pretends that everything is normal and even goes so far to say a polite hello. "How was crime fighting today, Barry?"
The air around her moves. She chuckles at the sudden peck of her cheek and arms wrapping around her... its enough to drive her crazy. "It was m'kay." His voice is muffled as his face lies in between her neck and shoulder. She could tell that he's exhausted from a long day of crime fighting and sees partial tears in his suit. 
"Oh! Barry!" For a second, she forgets her libido to see the several gashes. "Are you okay? You ripped your suit again." Her eyes are downcast. Her sneaky finger goes to trace the delicious outline of his right pectoral, knowing full well her gesture is anything but innocent. Barry, on the other hand, doesn't know what he'
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 94 28
Hypothermia (Dean x Reader)
Hypothermia (Dean x Reader)
"(Name) look out!"
You spun around at the sound of Dean's voice, just in time to get punched in the stomach with enough force to send you flying. Your back slammed into a tree, sending snow and pine needles tumbling down onto you. You landed in a heap in a snowdrift, gasping for air.
"(Name)!" You heard Sam yell from somewhere in front of you, followed by the sound of a gunshot.
You groaned, pushing yourself to your feet just as Dean slid to a stop beside you.
"Are you okay?" He asked, grabbing your arms.
You shrugged him off, nodding. "I'm fine. What are you doing kneeling in the snow? You're going to freeze."
He laughed, helping you to your feet. "I'm too hot to freeze." He smirked, brushing snow off his jeans.
You smacked the back of his head, grabbing Ruby's knife from the back of your pants and throwing it to your right without taking your eyes off him. "You say that now, but you've never felt a Canadian winter before."
The demon Sam was wrestling with
:iconmazzafeme147:mazzafeme147 455 67
Bookshop in Brooklyn (Steve x Reader)
It was a beautiful day in Brooklyn, New York. The sun was shining, and there was a gentle breeze in the air. It seemed peaceful, even for the streets of New York.
Steve Rogers sighed in content as he took in the warmth of the sunlight. He was travelling to his favourite bookshop. Although Steve lived in Stark Tower with the Avengers in Manhattan, he always made sure he visited the little shop in Brooklyn at least once a month.
He turned the corner and smiled to himself as he saw the retro style display of the shop. Painted in a bold red, the building stood out from the rest.
Steve's arrival was marked with the tinkling of the bell as he pushed the door open. He was greeted with the smell of books and the sound of swing music playing softly in the background.
As Steve began to browse, you stepped out from the storeroom with a pile of books balanced in your arms. You didn't realise Steve was there and jumped in shock, sending the books onto the floor.
"Oh! Sorry, I didn't mean to startle
:iconannakatee:AnnaKatee 118 14
Peter Parker x Reader - You're a superhero?
I had to tell her. I had to tell her and it had to be today. I couldn't keep putting it off.
The weather was chilly outside. I could see it snowing from my bedroom window. New York was always cold in the winter. But my mind was certainly not on the weather.
"She has to know," I muttered to myself, pacing backwards and forwards through my room. I shook my head slightly. But how on earth was I supposed to tell her? How was I, Peter Parker - the shy, nerdy high school boy, supposed to tell (Y/n) - the most beautiful and smartest girl in the world, that I was Spider-Man?
I kicked my desk chair in frustration. What if I told her and she freaked out? Yeah, okay, so I suppose anybody would freak out a little if they heard that their best friend was a superhero... But what if she got really upset? What if she stopped talking to me? I don't think I could handle that.
"Ugh, forget about that," I snapped at myself. I had to tell her no matter what happened.
"Peter!" I heard my aunt calling up to
:icondeathfrisbee221b:DeathFrisbee221B 93 11
Pietro x Reader x Peter - Sweet Tooth
Tarte Tatin had become somewhat of a banned dessert, ever since that little run to the cafe.
Now all Pietro wants to do in the afternoon is take you out to some reclusive restaurant, but always with a package of that dessert behind his back.
It comes to the point where you have to intervene with a new dessert, one that’s even older than Tarte Tatin.
“That smells heavenly.”
You smile. “Thanks, Pie. It’s my first time at making this stuff.”
“Well, you could have tricked me.” He swirls his finger on the rim of your bowl, scooping up the golden brown contents, and licks it. “Delicious. Just like in Sokovia.”
“You had Russian toffee in HYDRA?”
His face hardens. “No. My mother bought some for our ninth birthday.”
Just a year before she died. You don’t say anything, quietly pouring the liquid into a saucepan. The silence in the room vibrates on its edges, just like the creamy substance now simmering on t
:iconkatnisseverdeen4life:katnisseverdeen4life 372 138
Visions (Pietro Maximoff X Reader)
Author’s Note: First part takes place when the Avengers try to stop Ultron at that one building, and get their asses kicked by Pietro and Wanda. Also: reader is an Avenger, but her abilities and powers are moreso that of a mutant (and also fairly similar to Wanda’s; like she can control stuff with her mind and read people’s emotions). Also, this is kind of a soulmate!au, like not really, but it’s kinda implied and that’s why they get together so quickly and junk! I cannot write accents to save my friggin life. I hope he’s not too out of character and I hope you guys like this!!!
“I’m not here to hurt you.” You said softly, holding your hands out placatingly.
“That’s vhat they all say.” Pietro said bitterly. He was tense, and clearly prepared to run. The only reason he hadn’t run already was because he had absolutely no idea what you special ability was, and he was only slightly worried that it was something e
:iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 595 133
Kiss Me Hard Before You Go(Zach Mitchell X Reader)
Author’s Note: THIS IS THE LONGEST THING I’VE WRITTEN YET OMG. I SPENT FOUR DAYS ON THIS AND I KNOW LIKE NO ONE IS GOING TO READ IT UGH WHY  </3  I hope anyone that does read it enjoys it!!  <333 (Also I changed lots of stuff, but still spoilers for Jurassic World!)
You heard the sound of a kid crying, turning around in your seat and frowning when you saw the sobbing boy. He had wavy, dirty blonde hair, and a face that would’ve been downright adorable if it wasn’t scrunched up in sadness.
There was a guy next to him, he looked to be about your age, and he kind of sounded like a dick.
“Be quiet.” He snapped, crossing his arms and looking away from the boy with a huff.
“Hey, are you okay, kiddo?” You asked gently, and the kid looked up at you shyly.
“I-I’m fine.” He said quietly, and you smiled softly.
“Are you sure? I’ve got an empty seat over here, and I’m free to talk if you want.&
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Date Night, Captain America x Reader
The Washington Monument stretched high into the sky, and from your angle it looked like it could just as well go on forever. It reached tall and proud, a dark pillar commanding respect and awe from all who walked underneath it. Behind it the brighter shades of the sun succumbed to the navy blue of night, the first few stars revealing themselves. They were overthrown by the setting sun's beauty that had captured the attention of the tourists. The monument still held you in awe, but you didn’t find yourself as distracted by its scenic quality as the tourists were.
It was Steve’s idea to walk through the park at dusk, though, hoping that the cover of tourists would make him less noticeable. Of course, there had been a few close calls with children recognizing him, but you loved Steve’s way with kids. He would always acknowledge them, and he treated them with the utmost respect, and they would react the same. It warmed your heart and made you glad that you could say that
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Peter Quill x Reader |Secret Surprises|
“Tell me again why we have to visit Xandar?” Gamora asked, her attitude far below the happy level. Peter had told the Guardians he had to stop by the capital planet for “personal reasons”, but they weren’t buying it for a second. Especially not the assassin who was trained to question anything.
“Don’t worry about it.” The ex-junked replied. “We’re just dropping by to meet an old friend. It’ll only take a minute.”
“Last I checked, you ain’t got any friends, Quill.” Rocket cut in from the side. “You was raised by Yondu and his boys, and they ain’t ‘friend’ material. ‘Sides, none of’em are on Xandar anyway.”
“I am Groot.”
“You’re right, that was a very intelligent observation.” Rocket grinned, nodding in approval at the little tree next to him. Peter rolled his eyes, choosing to focus on the planet an hour away and the swe
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hello everyone!

I wanted to share with everyone that I have a lot of great stuff planned to share this summer

I am also hoping that this is the summer that I reach 300 watchers!
Everyone spread the word, if I reach my goal, there will be a special surprise!!

-Emily xx


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